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Dear Valued Customers,

We hereby confirm that Intercare Cleaning and Hygiene Services Pvt. Ltd is the exclusive and authorized Pan-India dealer for original Fresh Products™, USA odor control solutions.

All products are manufactured in the United States and imported to India directly by that Intercare Cleaning and Hygiene Services Pvt. Ltd. Our registered brand is Think-Hygiene.

You may find COUNTERFEIT Urinal Screen suppliers claiming to have original Fresh Products ™ Urinal screens. Please note that previous dealers of Fresh Products™ Urinal Screens may be supplying counterfeits screens with significantly lower fragrance loads and screens that have the Original Wave 1.0 Design.

Note that only a Think-Hygiene or Think-Hygiene.com printed urinal screen with Fresh Products ™ Logo embossed/printed is the original patented product available thru Intercare Cleaning and Hygiene Services Pvt. Ltd and our official dealer/partner network.

Finally, we carry 30 Day (Wave 1.5, Wave 2.0 and Wave 3D) and 60 Day (Wave Tidal) with the highest fragrance load in the market and we look forward to solving your washroom odor problems.


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